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Patient Financial Policy


    Family Medicine of Albemarle would like to inform you of some of our billing practices to help you manage your money wisely.

    Your coverage is a relationship directly between you and your insurance company. We are not able to answer questions about what your individual policy will cover.

    If you have questions about tests, exams, co-insurance, copays and summary of benefits, please contact your insurance company directly.

    If you pay in cash or are a self- pay patient, FMOA requests that you provide a $50 copay at the time of check in. Please be prepared to pay for your visit in full or provide a credit to be placed on file.

    There is discount for self-pay if the full bill is paid at the time of service.

    Physicians are on-call and can answer your questions. If they provide you care via the phone, they may bill you for their time and expertise if a following visit is not scheduled in the office.

    Labs: tests may be ordered during a preventive exam that your insurance company will not cover in full but are important for your care. Prior to ordering these labs we will discuss them with you.

    Need a school/camp/sports physical? Give us a call and schedule one today at 434-973-9744