This has been a long and challenging year and many of us have had major upheavals in our normal routines, which have often led to increased sitting and lowered activity.

The beginning of spring is an opportunity to adopt healthy new habits by incorporating a daily

Walk.   Thomas Jefferson was right when he said that “walking is the best possible

Exercise.”  Walking is low impact, requires no special equipment, and has many

health benefits.

A study in the Journal of Preventative Medicine found that as little as an hour of walking per week can significantly improve mobility and stave off lower body joint pain.

Walking has also been credited with improving sleep, mood, and insulin sensitivity and one of the most cited studies in the New England Journal of medicine found that weekly walking led to a 30% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.  So please get outside and enjoy the beautiful

Charlottesville spring weather!


We are following the coronavirus situation closely.

We encourage you to wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds, avoid putting your hands to your face, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and avoid crowds if you are feeling unwell. Continue to wear a mask and we recommend COVID vaccines as soon as one is available to you. You maybe be able to choose which vaccine you receive. Get the first one that is available.

If you develop a fever >100.4, have a cough and shortness of breath please call our office and speak with a nurse. please do not walk in the office without an appointment if · you have these symptoms.

How FMOA Providers Save You Money

There is a lot of data from the world health organization describing how the U.S. citizen pays far more for healthcare than any other developed nation, receives less benefit for their money, and can expect worse long term outcomes on average (see report for more info) But there are a few clinicians in the U.S. healthcare system that buck this trend. This article describes clinicians that sound a lot like the family medicine providers at FMOA, and explains how FMOA providers save you time and money.

Why Your Provider is Late

Being a family medicine provider is a blessing but I often feel like I’m spinning plates. A few months back I saw this article describing a typical day in a family medicine provider’s life, and why she keeps her patient’s waiting. I could definitely relate to this provider’s experience. Our responsibilities keep us busy but if our patients are patient with us, the blessing of caring for families is worth the plate spinning.